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Mark Perry - Running Coach
England Athletics
(Licence 2780965)

Optimal Running is a provider of INSCYD performance analysis for runners, cyclists and triathletes.

INSCYD performance assessments are comparable to laboratory grade testing of VO2max, lactate threshold and VLamax. These are recognised as the 'three pillars' of metabolic performance.

A performance assessment offers athletes the following Key Performance Indicators (KPI) :

1. VO2max (aerobic capacity)
2. VLamax (glycolytic [anaerobic] capacity)
3. Anaerobic threshold (AT)
4. Fatmax

Enhanced performance metrics include a deeper look at how the KPIs interact :

5. Lactate accumulation and clearance rates
6. Fat and carbohydrate combustion rates
7. Lactate recovery rates
6. Aerobic vs anaerobic energy contributions

Assessments include personalised training zones (not estimates from a single metric)

An individual assessment provides athletes with a deeper understanding of their own metabolic physiology, along with accurate, personalised training/racing parameters.

A major advantage is that the testing protocols can now be remotely self-administered using just a standard GPS running watch (inc Garmin, Polar, Suunto, Coros etc), or a power meter for cyclists. Additionally for cyclists is the option to use the Zwift platform for testing

INSCYD software is used by professional, amateur and recreational athletes alike throughout the world.

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